Modern Slavery Statement

By KVM Group

Modern Slavery Statement

It is KVM Group Limited’s stance that modern slavery is a fundimental violation of human rights, as well as, being a crime in the United Kingdom and elsewhere. Modern slavery may take many forms but they all share one common fact; people are being involuntarily used for unpaid or nearly unpaid labour for the commercial gain of the enslaver(s).

KVM Group Limited has a zero-tolerance policy towards modern slavery and will not support it directly, indirectly or in any way shape or form. We commit ourselves to act humanely in our operations and will take steps to ensure we do not support it in our operations or supply chains in any way, shape or form. Adding onto this we are committed to ensure we are transparent about how our employees and employees of our suppliers are hired and paid in order to comply with the Modern Slavery Act of 2015.

We accept responsibility for ensuring we stay in line with our policies, both from a legal and ethical standpoint. We will take steps to actively monitor the presence of slavery in our operations, and or, supply-chains and act accordingly when such events may occur.


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