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Acceptable Use Policy

Amended: 08/08/2022

Fraudulency within KUBBUR Limited's (hereinafter “KUBBUR”, “the provider”, “the company”) network is strictly prohibited. A fraudulent or prohibited consumption of service is anything the provider defines it to be. Examples of the aforementioned includes, but is not limited to, illegal acts, adult content, the “mining” of cryptocurrencies and the distribution, hosting and or usage of copyrighted software/material without explicit written consent from rightsholders.

The services are provided as is and for a specific purpose, the client by purchasing a specific service alleges that he is aware of the service‘s determined use case and agrees to accurately consume it.

Usage of service different from its intended use case, determined by the provider, is prohibited and may lead to service termination or suspension.


The service is intended only for use as a "Minecraft" server, enabling the customer to play the video game "Minecraft" online with other players he shares his server "IP address" with.

Usage of the service for other purposes than just as a "Minecraft" server will result, as mentioned above, in the termination of the user’s service and or account.

Examples of unintended or unpermitted use may include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Hosting other content than a "Minecraft" server on the service.

  • Using the service to conduct cyberattacks of any sort.

  • Using the service to unnecessarily create a load on the underlying server of the service.


The service is provisioned as a private Kernel based Virtual Machine (“KVM”) or bare metal dedicated server, whose traffic flows through AS396998 (“Path Network, Inc.”), AS59788 ("Northlayer ehf.) and AS206444 (“KUBBUR Limited”). Utilization of these services must be in legal compliance of the service’s location’s local laws and regulations as standard. These services may not be used for activities prohibited by either KUBBUR, Northlayer or Path Network which include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • "Dstating": the act of using one’s service as a means to test one’s own capabilities of conducting cyberattacks as well as defending against such. Activities which constitute "Dstating" include, but are not limited to, the following:

    • Encouraging the attacking of one's service in the form of a DDoS or DoS attack.

    • Reffering to one's service as 'unhittable' or 'undownable' to attract attackers.

    • Conducting a cyberattack on one's service.

  • "Portscanning": using one’s service to scan open network entry points (“ports”) into a remote machine or network by attempting to establish a connection to every possible “port”.

  • “Network/cyber attacks”: using one’s service to conduct network- or cyber-attacks against KUBBUR, Northlayer, Path Network or another 3rd party/network.

  • “Excessive use”: putting excessive strain/load on the hardware and or network the service runs on by using 100% of the service’s allocated hardware and or network resources/capacity past the 95th percentile within a twelve (12) hour period.

  • “Malicious content”: using one’s service to host and or distribute content considered illegal/malicious by British law, Icelandic law, international law, EU law, the law of the service’s jurisdiction, KUBBUR, and or Path Network; which includes but is not limited to:

    • Pornography. Exceptions are made for locations such as Iceland when KUBBUR is given prior notice of intent to host pornography related services, this does not and will never count for content of underage individuals.

    • Pornography depicting or otherwise indicating the participation/inclusion of individuals under the age of eighteen (18).

    • Material subject to copyright restrictions that has been used without the explicit consent of the rightsholder(s).

    • Harmful material such as content promoting self-harm, suicide, crime, hate-crime(s), violence, bullying, harassment, racial injustice, discrimination, ethnic violence, genocide, crimes against humanity, sexual assault, sexual harassment, and environmental crime/crimes against the environment.

  • "Malicious applications": using one's service to host and or distribute applications/software considered illegal/malicious by British law, international law, EU law, the law of the service's jurisdiction, KUBBUR, and or Path Network; which includes but is not limited to:

    • Software related to the operation of the Tor network/the Tor project ( Exceptions are made for locations such as Iceland when KUBBUR is given prior notice of intent to host ToR related services.

    • Software used for conducting cyberattacks, such as DDoS or DoS attacks (Distributed Denial of Service/Denial of Service attacks).

  • "Mining": using one's service to "mine" cryptocurrencies. "Mining" is the process of running software that generates revenue in a certain cryptocurrency.

For certain tunnelling and proxying services such as GRE the allowed bandwidth speed goes down from the advertised to 100Mbps / 1GB of ram.


By taking part in activity considered to be fraudulent/abusive by this Acceptable Use Policy using one's service at a different hosting vendor (i.e. not on KUBBUR's platform), those involved in the activity that have services on KUBBUR may have their services terminated and their account suspended.

KUBBUR defines this as "violation by association" where by being associated with activity considered fraudulent/abusive by this Acceptable Use Policy the parties involved will be treated by KUBBUR as if the activity had taken place on its own platform. Whether KUBBUR chooses to use this clause to take action against the involved parties is up to KUBBUR's own discretion and may or may not happen depending on the situation at hand.


By the usage of their Minecraft service and by entering into the contract one agrees and alleges to follow the terms of the Minecraft Eula, linked at


Abuse reports are handled through email and may be sent to [email protected]. Additionally a web form is provided for those unable to communicate via email, this form is made available at


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