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Configuring SSH Firewall Rules and Filters on a KUBBUR VPS Server


Networking is not something everyone knows by heart but we try to design our KUBBUR Cloud Management panel so that firewall & filter configurations are as easy as they possibly could be, yet some people still have issues and that's okay; this article is simply here to fix that.

  1. How do I open my KUBBUR VPS SSH port?

SSH is always open on the initial install of your KUBBUR VPS via port 22.

2. How do I only allow SSH connections from your IP to your VPS.

SSH, better known as Secure Shell Protocol, is the most common way to remotely control your virtual system, and to use it with your KUBBUR VM is simple. As seen in section 1. it is always enabled through port 22 on your KUBBUR VPS, but if you want to whitelist the SSH port connections to those only from your own or any desired IP address(es) follow this guide: Go to your VPS firewall manager, to do so: click "Firewall"

Go to "Firewall" Manager in your VPS interface

From the firewall manager click on "New Rule", where this modal should pop-up:

Enter a name that fits, but it's not required, the Source IP (the IP you'd like to allow connections from), the Destination IP (the IP of your VPS server), Protocol should be TCP, Source Port is any of your liking (if you want to restrict connections from specific ports, leave blank for none), and Destination port (the port of your VPS' SSH instance) with action "ALLOW" and then press "CREATE".

Then, make a new rule, with the same Destination IP(s) and Port(s), leaving the Source Port and Source IP empty and setting the Action to "DROP" and then press "CREATE".

And you're all done! Your Virtual Private Server with us is protected from outside and unauthorized SSH attempts with just 2 simple steps.

After applying these rules you might have to wait 10-15 minutes for the rules to actually apply since they have to reach all of our upstream's Point of Presences. If after the wait you still have issues, feel free to contact support via [email protected] or livechat on our website.

Need more help?

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