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Where it all began & some extra information.

who are you anyways?

KUBBUR was started in early June of 2021 by those who brought you IceVM and Heimsnet previously, the KVM Group. We've been in this industry of selling hosting for a fairly long time, as we started around 2018, and only in 2021 did we start dipping our feet into owning our own hardware. After realizing that since hardware is REALLY expensive nowadays we started KUBBUR as a way to both never get out of practise of owning a hosting company and as a way to raise some extra capital on the side.

ok... great, what's your mission?

KUBBUR's mission is to offer the best product we can come up with at the price point it's sold at. €2 / GB AMD Ryzen 9 5950X plans are pretty much unheard of, at least from a reputable provider, and bundled with all the extra features we packed into each plan it's even more unbelievable that it makes profit (and at 0% overallocation mind you). Our budget plan is also pretty insane, priced at €1 / GB you'd think it would be horrendous but actually the Ryzen 5 3600 does absolute wonders and bundled with the fact that it's not overallocated and has a bunch extra useful features it's quite the incredible deal. So yeah, our mission is really, REALLY cheap pricing but really, REALLY good servers.

some boring information

KVM Group Limited

Iceland Office: Kalkofnsvegur 2, 101 Reykjavík, Iceland.

Registered Office: 12 Constance Street, E16 2DQ London, United Kingdom.

Note that we can only accept letters from companies house at our registered office.

Company Registration Number: 13331435

ICO Registration Number: ZB077431.

Legal Contact & Data Protection Officer: Leifur Steinn Gunnarsson

For legal inquiries:

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Firstly we'd like to ask that you only one of the following ways to spell out our name when doing business:

  • KVM Group Limited
  • The KVM Group
  • KVM Group
  • KVM Group, Ltd.

This isn't some sort of law or anything but if you don't use one of those ways we just won't really like you. Secondly if you are wondering how you should stylise KUBBUR's name please just make it all uppercase. That's how we meant for it to be spelled and if you don't follow that we (again) just won't like you.

Third of all we'd like to mention that you can use our logo for most all things. As long as you don't make it look like you own us or that you're somehow affiliated with us even though you aren't it's perfectly fine for you to take the logo and use it wherever. In memes, in comparison charts (seriously we love recognition, showing that we're your competitor gives us joy), in... TikToks? Regardless, you can download a presskit by pressing the button below this paragraph. Inside are PNG & SVG versions of the logo you can use for whatever your purposes might be.

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