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virtual private servers for enterprise.

Virtual Private Servers from €4 / GB with a 10Gbps unmetered uplink.

virtual servers

Powerful & scalable VPS hosting powered by AMD Ryzen® hardware at an insane price of €4 / GB of memory. Ready-to-go in 5 minutes.

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cloud servers

Highly affordable, scalable & high bandwidth Cloud Servers powered by 3rd generation Intel® Xeon® processors. Sold at an industry-leading price of €3 / GB.

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iceland storage boxes

Affordable, Iceland-based, high capacity storage VMs with LVM drive encryption. Powered by 5600 series Intel® Xeon® processors.

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what makes us great

KUBBUR offers European hosting at an industry low price.

powerful hardware

KUBBUR only uses top class AMD® processors, NVMe SSD's and DDR4 ECC memory to ensure performance and stability.

affordable pricing

Like every other hosting company ever we offer affordable pricing, except ours is actually affordable! €2 / GB for premium and €1 / GB for budget!

deploys in 30 seconds

With our signature Balance Based Ordering your server is deployed in <30 seconds without wasting time on a "Make Payment" or "Processing" page.

high availability

We guarantee server uptime of 99.9% on all of our plans. If we do not keep this promise, you're eligible for compensation according to our SLA.


Down or upscale your server any time, whether you need more power or need to decrease the price to pay your phone bill this month we got your back ;)

live, 24/7, human support

With us you'll never have a robotic sounding ticket ever again, our staff agents are talkative, cheerful, polite, there for you 24/7 and best of all chill.

incredible support team

We're faaaast at tickets... It's almost like we're speedrunning them... 🤔


average response time

We average 4 seconds in ticket response times, but we could easily take less time when it comes to your ticket 😜


processed tickets

Sure, it might not be that impressive. But we'd rather be honest than claiming 4 seconds out of thin air.


replied to within 1m

Just so we're on the same level, here's how often we reply within a minute 😉

These statistics are pulled live from our ticket system. See! We wouldn't lie to you! 😘

Made possible by an amazing team

KUBBUR wouldn't be possible without all the amazing people that make it a reality.

Our staff come from all corners of the world, helping us deliver our promise of 24/7 support and near instant support ticket response times. Our owner, KVM Group, based out of Reykjavík & the UK is the leader in hosting space innovation and crucial part of that is the teamwork that goes into each and every project.

KVM Group Office

KVM Group's Reykjavík office, on the 3rd floor.

Still not convinced?

Speak to our team to figure out what's right for you!

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