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Welcome to the 10Gbps cloud.

Virtual Private Servers from 5.00 / mo with an unmetered 10Gbps connection.

Virtual Servers

Powerful & scalable VPS hosting powered by AMD Ryzen® hardware starting at an insane price of 5.00 / mo. Ready-to-go in 5 minutes.

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Cloud Servers

Highly affordable, scalable & high bandwidth Cloud Servers powered by 3rd generation Intel® Xeon® processors. Sold at an industry-leading price of 3.00 / GB.

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Iceland Storage Boxes

Affordable, Iceland-based, high capacity storage VMs with LVM drive encryption. Powered by 5600 series Intel® Xeon® processors.

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what makes us great

KUBBUR is the world's cheapest 10Gbps cloud.

Powerful hardware

KUBBUR only uses top class AMD® & Intel® processors, NVMe SSDs and DDR4 ECC memory to ensure performance and stability.

10Gbps network

We offer 10Gbps networking as a standard. You get unmetered ingress/egress and fully symmetrical 10Gbps connectivity. Good luck finding that deal elsewhere. 😉

deploys in 30 seconds

From the time that you order your service it only takes 30~ seconds on average for it to provision and be ready for production use.

Elegant interface

At KUBBUR we believe in visuals. While performance makes the product, a clean & simple management experience is what sells it — just like our panel.


Down or upscale your server any time, whether you need more power or need to decrease the price to pay your phone bill this month we got your back ;)

Human support

Tired of talking to robots? At KUBBUR you're put straight through to a human. No BS, no hidden gotchas. Whatever the issue, we'll assist without discrimination.

KUBBUR in numbers

Some things are just better shown in pure statistics


Active servers

We have 172 servers active right at this moment. Order yours today and watch this number increase!


Processed tickets

This is our all time closed ticket count, the higher this number the more tickets our support team has taken care of!


Positive reviews

Our customers can't seem to get enough! They've left over 63 positive reviews about our product. Join them on Trustpilot!

Our ticket stats are pulled live. Trustpilot reviews are manually incremented due to Trustpilot policy.

Made possible by an amazing team

KUBBUR wouldn't be possible without the people working behind the scenes to keep it running. We've got systems to maintain, tickets to answer and service quality to maintain — that won't happen without proper personnell!

Our staff come from all corners of the world with all sorts of unique stories. Some of our founders are Icelandic and have to do everything remotely, some of our staff is Dutch and others may be Canadian. It's a boiling pot of diversity that brings a lot of unqiue perspectives to the table in day to day operations.

KVM Group Office

The former KUBBUR office in Iceland, on the 3rd floor.

Still not convinced?

Speak to our team to figure out what's right for you!

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